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Medical Aesthetics introduces a new approach to skincare:

Designed by physicians and formulated by pharmacists, Exposure® is a range of advanced skincare products that use only scientifically proven active ingredients. Based on the latest aesthetic medicine knowledge, Exposure® embodies a new generation of dermatological products manufactured to pharmaceutical standards.Each original formulation is specifically designed to protect, improve and enhance the appearance of your skin.

What makes Exposure® different from other skincare products? Quite simply – Results.
Our formulations contain not one but multiple clinically proven active ingredients at the most effective concentration possible. The active ingredients are pharmaceutical grade, and their effectiveness and safety are demonstrated by peer-reviewed scientific studies. Exposure® addresses the most popular skin concerns by using the latest biotechnology advances and the proven effectiveness of well-known natural ingredients. This is what makes Exposure® a range of professional strength dermatological products, only available from your Doctor or very exclusive retailers.