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Medical Aesthetics Ltd. is a healthcare company dedicated to offering the latest advances in the field of aesthetic medicine. We are the providers of non-surgical treatments for the most exclusive firms in London (UK), such as Harrods and the Hurlingham Clinic & Spa.

Combining our clinical experience with the latest knowldege in aesthetic medicine, the team of doctors, pharmacists and biotechnology scientists working with Medical Aesthetics has developed a range of original formulations to target and effectively treat a variety of skin care concerns:

Ageing skin
Sun damage
Uneven pigmentation
Eye contour circles
Loss of elasticity
Loss of plumpness

The result is Exposure®, a dermatological skincare range that uses only evidence-based active ingredients. Each original formulation contains not only one, but a combination of multiple medical grade actives to provide visible results – fast.

integrated aesthetics
Exposure® provides clinically proven effects without prescription, making it ideal as a personal skincare range. In addition, it has also been designed to complement and enhance the optimum results obtained from aesthetic procedures performed by your Doctor.